The Logic of Risk

Dr. Pasquale Cirillo


Hi there, welcome to the webpage of the Logic of Risk, the brand new “MOOC” I am preparing for you.
The first class will appear on this page on May 1, 2017.

Each class will consist of a video focusing on a specific aspect of risk theory, reading materials and, from time to time, some simple exercise for you to solve, and whose solution will appear online with some delay.
All videos will also be available on Youtube, for you to share and embed. You can reach the channel on
I will post one class per week, on Monday morning (Amsterdam time).

My aim is to approach risk theory in a simple and - I hope - funny way. I will try to offer you something unusual, in the sense that we will discuss risk from a logical, philosophical, mathematical and applied point of view. A portmanteau course on risk!
We will address questions like: What is risk? Is risk something subjective or objective? Can we always assess risk? What are extreme risks? What is a risk measure? How can we use it?
We will discuss examples from different fields of science and life, from finance to physics, from engineering to medicine.
I hope to see you soon on these pages.
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Are you ready to take the risk?

Dr. Pasquale Cirillo