The Fence Paradox: article on Piano Inclinato

I recently wrote an article about the Fence Paradox.
It is in Italian, and available here, on the economic blog “Piano Inclinato”.

Il rischio e la consulenza finanziaria. Teoria, gestione ed euristica.

For three Fridays I am teaching a course on risk theory and financial consulting, organized by Ascosim, in the beautiful city of Milan. The audience is made up of consultants and risk managers.

Longevity 12 - Talk

I just gave my talk on joint mortality modeling via urn-based joint shock models.
L12 is a very nice conference.
And Chicago is amazing, as usual.

Extremes and Risks in Higher Dimensions

We had a great workshop. I learnt a lot.
Thanks to all the participants!
And to Juan-Juan Cai and Armelle Guillou for co-organizing.


Extremes and Risks in Higher Dimensions

From September 12 to 16, I will host a workshop on “Extremes and Risks in Higher Dimensions”, at Lorentz Center in Leiden.
Top scholars in Extreme Value Theory will discuss the latest developments in the field of multivariate extremes. We will foster interaction and collaborations.
There are still some places available.
If you are interested, you can register here. Participation is free but places limited.
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