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 <i>Lectiones</i><i>in aere </i>
 <i>Lectiones</i><i>in aere </i>
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Is online teaching the future?

Yes, I do believe that online teaching will be an important part of future education.

Online classes allow many students from all over the world to attend courses everywhere. They are cheap and very effective, if correctly developed.

Online courses can be the perfect solution for life-long learning and business training. Companies are understanding this.

At least in the foreseeable future, online teaching will not completely substitute offline classes though. There are fields and levels of study in which the one-to-one relation between the student and the professor is still fundamental. Luckily, because I like to interact with students!

My Experience

Since 2014 I have been developing and teaching online classes. I consider myself a pioneer.

My "An Introduction to Credit Risk Modeling Course" was one of the first financial courses on It is a rather successful MOOC: so far I have taught the basics of credit risk to tens of thousands of students from all over the world.

The ACRM course, joint with Deloitte NL, is an example of course for professionals. Very successful, it allows participants to get very valuable knowledge at a fraction of the price they would pay in a standard course.

I also have a YouTube Channel, The Logic of Risk, in which I collect other online classes I like to share with people who follow me. And that will soon evolve into something quite interesting for you, I hope.

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An introduction to Credit Risk Management (MOOC)

The CR Mooc offers an introduction to credit risk modelling and hedging. We approach credit risk from the point of view of banks, but most of the tools and models we overview can be beneficial at the corporate level as well.

For each methodology, we analyse its strengths as well as its weaknesses. We do this in a rigorous way, but also with fun: there is no need to be boring.

The new edition starts next May 1, 2020. You can enroll for free!

Advanced Credit Risk Management for Professionals (ACRM)

This unique online course from TU Delft in collaboration with Deloitte is for ambitious risk professionals, consultants and managers eager to master the most important models of credit risk management, and to understand and discuss the always-changing regulatory framework.

The latest tools and topics are discussed with academic rigor and business focus. You will get the best of both worlds!

The new edition started on February 18, 2020, but you can still enroll!

The Logic of Risk (LOR)

The Logic of Risk is my YouTube Channel, where you can find many other online classes and seminars I have given in the past.

In Spring 2020 the LOR Channel will also host the homonymous online course "The Logic of Risk," a brand new way of looking at risk theory, combining philosophy, probability and risk management.

Don't miss the opportunity, it will be open and free. Subscribe now!

Already looking for something new to study? Then have a look at my Risk Management course, or follow my brand new classes on Machine Learning for Risk Managers. And why not Financial Mathematics?

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