Dr. Pasquale Cirillo

Over the years I have worked as a statistical consultant for many companies and institutions (The World Bank, AON, Marsh, EFSA, and many more).

My main areas of expertise are risk management (for finance and engineering), financial and insurance mathematics, data analysis and statistical inference.
Regarding my knowledge of programming languages, I can help you with Matlab, R, STATA and SPSS.
You might be interested in knowing that I am also a SAS© Certified Programmer (I actually worked for The SAS Institute in my past).

If you would like to work with me through TU Delft, e.g. for a research project, feel free to
contact me. My colleagues and I will be very happy to listen to your needs.
If you prefer a B2B relationship, working with an expert team of statisticians, I am glad to suggest you the statistical consulting company I co-founded some years ago (but I am no longer involved in the management):
S-T-A-T-S Limited. It is based in Switzerland, and my wonderful colleagues and friends will surely help you with all your questions and problems. Tell them I recommended you for a special discount.

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