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I like teaching, and I believe that being a good teacher is fundamental to be a good researcher.
I always try to provide my students with good study materials, including beautiful slides (I hate those crappy slides commonly used by mathematicians!) and good lecture notes.
This said, I also like to say that
“Teaching is not reading your slides word by word loudly”. If you don’t like to teach, just don’t do it. There is plenty of other jobs out there.

My students (at least some of them) seem to like the way I teach. These are some of the positive comments I received in the evaluations of my recent courses.

Finally a course that combines theory and practice” “Top teacher.”
(Credit Risk Modeling and Management)

“The lecture notes of this course are very clear and well-written.” “
He is good and funny.” “Very good course.”
(Financial Mathematics)

One of the best courses in Delft.” “Wonderful slides.” “I really liked your course.” “Please, don’t change the way you teach.” “Best course in town.” “I do love your slides.” “Competent and reliable.
(Risk Management)

In March 2015 I received my
University Teaching Qualification from the EEMCS Faculty of TU Delft.

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